Welcome to BlockApps STRATO!

What is STRATO?

BlockApps STRATO is a rapid deployment blockchain solution built for businesses:

  • Integrate - Easily integrate with legacy web applications and databases using a REST API
  • Manage - Authenticate access to your APIs and protect your critical assets
  • Search - Search millions of smart contracts in seconds using normal easy-to-learn SQL queries
  • Protect - Transact privately with network participants and configure user visibility
  • Upload - Upload existing business data to the blockchain to bootstrap a new project
  • Deploy - Host a STRATO node on Microsoft Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform

Latest Versions

  • STRATO Platform: 5.0.0
  • STRATO Getting Started: 2.9.0

This guide

This documentation guide offers informational content to help you get started developing applications on the STRATO platform. If you do not have an existing STRATO license, please schedule a call with our support team for further support. If you have a license but are troubleshooting network setup, you can find additional information in the Installing A New Node / Network section of this guide, based on your network type. Additionally, our API reference materials are located under the section API Reference and information on additional tools, such as the REST-API wrapper "BlockApps-REST", can be found under Other Tools & Resources.