STRATO Management Dashboard

BlockApps provides a dashboard to monitor and interact with your blockchain in a visual interface.


The dashboard tab offers insight into the state of your blockchain node and the network your node is connected to. The dashboard can be used to answer some of the following questions:

  • How many peers are connected to my node? Who are they?
  • Is my node in-sync with the rest of the network?
  • How many user accounts are hosted on my node?
  • What were the last ten transactions to occur?

Health Check

  • Recent Transactions

Recent Transactions

SQL Queries

BlockApps STRATO offers advanced search capabilities to query the state of your blockchain. You can use the query builder in the Blocks tab of your dashboard.

Query Blocks

  • Click on a row to see a comprehensive view of a block

Block Details


  • A query builder that allows you to query transactions on the blockchain
  • Click on a row to see a comprehensive view of a transaction


  • A table containing all accounts on your blockchain
  • Click on a row to see a comprehensive view of an account

Account Details

  • A search function, to quickly get information on a specific account

Search Accounts

  • A form to send funds between accounts
  • Click Send Ether and Fill out the Form

Send Funds 1

  1. Submit and View the Results

Send Funds 2


  • View all contracts on the blockchain
  • View the state of a specific contract, as well as previously uploaded versions of the same contract

Contract State

Upload Contract

  • Upload contracts through a simple drag and drop, supplying constructor arguments as needed

  • Click Create Contract and Fill out the Form. Check the "Searchable" box if you want to be able to query the state of the contract using Cirrus. You will only have to upload a contract as "Searchable" once for all future instances of that contract to be indexed in Cirrus.

Upload Contract 1

  1. Drag and Drop the Contract (.sol file) to Upload

Upload Contract 2

  1. Provide Constructor Arguments (If there are any)
  2. Upload!
  3. Verify Upload

Upload Contract 3

Query Contract State

  • Query the contract using Cirrus
  • Click the Query Builder button on an indexed contract
  • Form your query using the query builder

Call Contract Methods

  1. Click an Instance of A Contract (A row in the table)
  2. Click Call Method, Fill Out the Form

Call Contract Method 1

  1. Submit and View Results

Call Contract Method 2