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Overview: System Requirements

The general system and setup recommendations for running the STRATO platform are as follows:

Hardware Requirements

For virtual machine recommendations, see sizing and other recommendations on the related partner marketplace link. For installation on a physical machines, we recommend the following:

  • CPU

    • 2 vCores (minimum);
    • 4 vCores or more (recommended)
  • RAM

    • 7GB (minimum);
    • 15GB or more (recommended)
  • Disk

    • Expandable SSD volume;
    • Initial size: 30GB (minimum);
    • Ongoing size: 100GB or more is recommended for more extensive blockchain data.

Firewall rules

Inbound traffic ports

  • TCP/80 (for HTTP) or TCP/443 (for HTTPS). This can be customized.
  • TCP/30303
  • UDP/30303

Outbound traffic ports

  • Allow all.

Software Requirements

  • Operating system
    • GNU/Linux (recommended for production)
    • MacOS
    • Windows*
  • Docker (v17.04 or newer) (Docker, Docker for Mac, Docker for Windows*, Docker Toolbox)
  • Docker-compose (v1.22 or newer)


Windows is not supported by the strato-getting-started tool. To run STRATO in Docker for Windows, one needs to generate the docker-compose.yml file manually.