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STRATO Command Line Interface Tool

The BlockApps STRATO CLI makes it easy to upload apps to your STRATO node.

STRATO CLI requires NodeJS 6 or above

Install CLI

In your terminal, run:

npm install -g strato-cli

Test your installation:

strato --version

Configure CLI

We need to let the CLI know which node to deploy the app to.

You can use STRATO Public Network running at or you can run own local instance of STRATO using

Deploy to BlockApps Public (Demo) Node

Don’t forget to faucet your account!

Deploy to Your Node

Run strato config. You will be prompted for a <username>, type in your username of the account created above. For <hostname> you will be prompted to press [Enter] or [Space] as below. Enter the URL of your node (e.g. http://localhost)

Create a Sample App

Run strato init, and enter the information about your app:

app # <any title>
app## <any## >
version: <any version number>
email: <your email address>

Completing this step will create a new folder with the apps title in the current directory.

cd into the app directory and review the file contents, you should have the following:

app directory
├─ contracts/
   └─ ...all solidity contract files (*.sol)

├─ metadata.json

└─ index.html

Upload App

Upload the app to your STRATO node by running the following command from your home directory where <app name> is the folder created in above steps.

For example if the app's title in the above steps is SampleApp in my home folder then upload command will be strato upload SampleApp

strato upload path/to/<app name>

strato upload path\to\<app name>

You will be prompted for a password for the STRATO User you created at the start of this guide.

Upon successful upload of the application, you will receive the following response including the URL of the deployed app:

application successfully deployed with url http://<hostname>/apps/<unique url>

If using Strato Public Network the app will be visible in the App Launchpad, you can view it and use it by navigating to:

Check User Balance

Balance will displayed in wei for configured user

strato balance

For additional commands for the STRATO CLI Tool, run strato --help