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Deploy STRATO on Google Cloud Platform

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This individual STRATO instance is a private blockchain node, self-contained and sufficient for prototyping and use. By default, it is open for another nodes to connect and synchronize with its blockchain. It also provides a RESTful web API on the HTTP port for querying your private blockchain and compiling and uploading contracts.


Follow the steps to configure the deployment:


  • Configure the Compute VM instance. We recommend using the default Machine type, Boot Disk and Networking settings.


  • Remove checkboxes next to 30303 ports traffic to prevent other nodes from being able to connect to your node.

  • Make sure to keep the defaults: "External IP" - Ephemeral and "IP Forwarding" - On (under "More" section)

  • Click Deploy

  • [Optional] Once the Deployment is up and running - you may follow this step to change the External IP type from Ephemeral to Static (permanent)


STRATO requires the external IP to stay immutable once it is started.

The Ephemeral IP may change on VM Instance restart. We strongly recommended changing the External IP type from Ephemeral to Static.

Follow these steps to proceed:

  1. Go to the Instance page (click the Instance name in the table above)
  2. Under Network interfaces section click View Details next to the default network
  3. Go to External IP addresses page (on the left)
  4. Scroll down the list to the IP address being used by your new STRATO VM and change its type to static. You're all set!


  • On the deployment page, click Visit the site to proceed to STRATO Dashboard

STRATO Dashboard requires the admin login credentials. You can find the generated username and password on the deployment page.