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Azure Getting Started

Microsoft Azure Marketplace offer - getting started with BlockApps STRATO on Azure

BlockApps STRATO instance on Azure marketplace

  • On the Azure marketplace search for the keyword "blockapps" or "strato" or "blockchain" and you'll find our listed offers for both - the single-node and multi-node instances (includes Test Drive).

This individual STRATO instance (private blockchain node, self-contained and sufficient for prototyping and light POC's) also provides a RESTful web API on the HTTP port for querying your private blockchain and compiling and uploading contracts.

Azure Offer VM Creation

Follow the steps to configure the deployment:


Configure the network and VMs for your deployment (you may use defaults):


Set the admin password to access the dashboard:


Next steps

Once you've the instance up and running you can access the dashboard by visiting the VM's IP/URL in your browser and using the username "admin" with the password you set on the previous step.

You can also explore and run our demo-app using your STRATO blockchain instance:

STRATO Management Dashboard