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AWS Getting Started

AWS Marketplace offer - getting started with BlockApps STRATO on AWS

BlockApps STRATO instance on AWS marketplace

  • On the AWS marketplace search for the keyword "blockapps" or "blockchain" and you'll find our listed offer (with a 5-day free trial edition).

This individual STRATO instance (private blockchain node, self-contained and sufficient for prototyping and light POC's) provides a RESTful web API on the HTTP port for querying the blockchain and compiling and uploading contracts.

Run on VM

Steps to run STRATO Developer Edition using the AWS marketplace AMI:

All the setup is already done for you in the packaged AMI, just run the startup script to launch the platform services.

  • Step 1: Login to your AWS account or create one if you don't already have one.
  • Step 2: Deploy a new EC2 instance from the BlockApps STRATO AMI, with at least 20 GB of space on the root volume.
  • Step 3: SSH to your newly deployed node (user: ubuntu).
  • Step 4: Run strato-admin script (takes about 10-20secs to see all docker containers running):
$ ./ --start

Note: if the instance services do not come up within a minute, you can restart the services using:

./ --stop 

./ --start

*The single instance will provide the following (all on port 80):

username: admin

password: ec2-instanceID

  • The strato api -> http://[your server ip]/strato-api

  • A bloc instance -> http://[your server ip]/bloc/v2.1

  • A bloc explorer -> http://[your server ip]

  • bloc API docs -> http://[your server ip]/bloc/v2.1/docs

  • STRATO API docs -> http://[your server ip]/strato-api/eth/v1.2/docs

  • Cirrus search -> http://[your server ip]/cirrus/search/

Once you've the instance up and running with the API's, you can also explore our demo-app here: