Deploy STRATO on AWS

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This individual STRATO instance (private blockchain node, self-contained and sufficient for prototyping and light POC's) provides a RESTful web API on the HTTP port for querying the blockchain and compiling and uploading contracts.

Run STRATO Virtual Machine using AWS AMI

  1. Login to your AWS account, or create one if you don't already have one.
  2. Deploy a new EC2 instance from the BlockApps STRATO AMI, with at least 20 GB of space on the root volume.
  3. SSH to your newly deployed node.
  4. Begin interacting with your STRATO node by following our quick start guide.

The single node instance will provide the following (all on port 80):

username: admin

password: ec2-instanceID

  • The STRATO API -> http://[your server ip]/strato-api

  • A Bloc Instance -> http://[your server ip]/bloc/v2.1

  • A Bloc Explorer -> http://[your server ip]

  • Bloc API Docs -> http://[your server ip]/bloc/v2.1/docs

  • STRATO API Docs -> http://[your server ip]/strato-api/eth/v1.2/docs

  • Cirrus Search -> http://[your server ip]/cirrus/search/