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Deployment: Consensus Algorithm

STRATO offers PBFT as a default consensus algorithm.

What is PBFT?

Blockchain consensus mechanisms are designed to be Byzantine Fault Tolerant, which means that a majority of actors can reach an agreement on whether or not the state of a network is reliable. PBFT is faster than Proof of Work (our current consensus algorithm), and is designed for permissioned networks where the identities of the participants are known to others.

Consensus Monitoring API (Coming Soon!)

Users can view the current vote round through a dedicated API route:

GET /blockstanbul/validators which returns a list of validator addresses

GET /blockstanbul/config which returns JSON with the initial config:

    "epoch_length": 1000,
    "request_timeout": 1000,
    "block_period": 1000,

GET /blockstanbul/status which returns JSON describing the current state of consensus:

Latest messages received per peer
Latest message sent
Block hash of block being considered
Current state (NewRound | Preprepared | Prepared | Committed)
Round number
Sequence number