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Key Management

BlockApps STRATO provides an interface to integrate with enterprise own key management or utilize an embedded key management solution.

We will illustrate a workflow how BlockApps STRATO signs transactions with using private keys from its embedded key management solution. Note, BlockApps STRATO can also be integrated with popular key management solutions, such as Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Hashicorp Vault, etc. This workflow assumes that out-of-band registration is satisfied.

Generate Keys for New Users

curl -X POST "http://localhost/strato/v2.3/key"
     -H "Authorization: Bearer afasfpi329340209834" 
A pair of public and private keys are generated for user in BlockApps STRATO node.

An address derived from public key is returned.

    "status": "success",
    "address": "cd2a3d9f938e13cd947ec05abc7fe734df8dd826"   

Provide Signature Values

User can use BlockApps STRATO signature route with msgHash to obtain r, s, v values. msgHash is formed from transaction request body.

curl -X POST "http://localhost/strato/v2.3/signature"
     -H "Authorization: Bearer afasfpi329340209834" 
     -d '
            "msgHash": "41b1a0687652af1b28b3dc29a1556eee781e4a4c3a1f7f53f90"
r, s, v values are returned. Together with the msgHash, txHash is formed.
    "r": 12438971348519879,
    "s": 21897342723782789,
    "v": 28

Next Steps

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