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Using the BlockApps Supply Chain Demo App

Open the app in the browser.

By default, application is running at http://localhost:3030/

Logins for the app

The app comes pre loaded with four different users: Buyer1, Buyer2, Supplier1, Supplier2. All these users have the same password: 1234.

Bidding Flow Guide

  • Buyer Logs in Bidding1

  • Buyer creates a project for suppliers to bid on Bidding2

  • Supplier logs in Bidding3

  • Supplier makes a bid on the earlier project Bidding4

  • Buyer accepts early supplier bid Bidding5

Note: After the buyer accepts the bid, 20 dollars from the buyer's account is taken and held by the smart contract but is still not disbursed until the product is accepted

  • Supplier marks that the product is shipped Bidding6

  • Buyer confirms that they recieved the product Bidding7